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  • Reserve a spot

    Real time availability. Reserve a spot anytime from anywhere.

    Reserve a spot
  • Meet eligible parkers

    Put your driveway to work with the tap of an app.

    Meet eligible parkers
  • Track and pay

    Some surprises suck. No more parking meter roulette.

    Track and pay
Why does it have to be so #*@%&ing hard to find a parking spot?

There’s just no reason why it should be so hard to find a parking spot in this day and age.

While you're driving around and around looking for an open spot that doesn't have time of day, residential, or special event restrictions, you're passing literally dozens of unused driveways. Well, that's just ridiculous.

Imagine if you could park in those driveways. Imagine if an app could tell you where to park immediately and how much it would cost. Imagine if you could save time, money, AND sanity.

I know it's amazing, but no, Dorothy, you're not dreaming. With Parxit, you can search, reserve, and pay for parking with NO CASH and NO SWEAT.

Too good to be true? Sure, that's what we thought... until we built it.